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Mazinkaiser GX-75SP (20th Anniversery Ver.) - Chogokin Action Figure

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Celebrating 20 years since the debut of the Mazinkaizer anime, this new edition takes the GX-75 Mazinkaizer body and ramps up the excitement with chrome colors, plus a new Final Kaizer Blade scaled up to full-sized glory. And that's not all: the stand features a sound chip that plays back sound effects and Ichiro Mizuki's unforgettable "Theme from Mazinkaizer!"


  • Main Body
  • Kaizer Scrander
  • Kaizer Scrander wings (L/R)
  • Three optional pairs of hands
  • Face parts for standby
  • Kaizer Pilder (Flight mode)
  • Kaizer Pilder (Docked)
  • Kaizer Blade (x2)
  • New Final Kaizer Blade
  • Kaizer Blade manifestation parts (x2)
  • Stand with sound effects
  • Stand with arms (x2)
  • Connecting parts for Kaizer Scrander
  • Kaizer Scrander joint
  • Optional chest emblem