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P-Bandai HGBF Rick-Do Gyanko - Consignment

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PLEASE NOTE: Consignment items are owned by other Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat customers and community members. We have these listed for sale as a special courtesy to trusted customers who would like to use our shipping and fulfillment services to help sell their items. ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN INSPECTED AND DEEMED IN GOOD / GREAT CONDITION. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Gyanko equips the Rick Dom's equipment in her latest armored version look! This kit offers lots of newly molded parts starting from its headband which features a Dom head leaving the original Gyan's shield as scrunchies to support her pigtail hairstyle.

The chest armor part features the designed of Dom's chest armor piece which is installed with scattering-beam gun on the left side.

Some more Rick-Dom armor pieces are installed around her, that includes both shoulders, back skirt, and both feet featured with Dom's legs used as her shoes instead.

The kit is also completed with a Beam Bazooka, a Giant Bazooka and a Heat saber for its equipment.