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P-Bandai MG Ian Graden's Zaku Cannon

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The ace of fire support at North American Front! From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV], the Zaku Cannon operated by lieutenant Ian Graden is released in Master Grade! Ian is an ace pilot of the Principality of Zeon forces, and he played a critical role at North American Front.

  • MSV designed body colors are reproduced with color separation based on MG standards!
  • In order to match with the MSV designs, the MS body's olive green are reproduced with color separated moldings based on Master Grade standards.
  • Water slide decals exclusively for the original Mobile Suit markings are included! The marking of the Ian Graden's Mobile Suit is reproduced with water slide decals!
  • Weapons: Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun, Heat Hawk