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RG Z'Gok Char Custom (MSM-07S)

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The 16th of the RG series is an amphibious MS "CHAR'S Z'GOK."
  • Realizes the streamline form in order to reduce the friction of water and speed up.
  • Its unique interior frame is designed for an amphibious MS to dive into water or fight battles on the ground. It is realized with advanced MS joints.
  • Sonar to search and detect enemies, and measure objects under water is adopted.
  • Considering going under water and surfacing, the weep holes are molded throughout the whole body.
  • The cockpit is designed spherically for waterproof and pressure resistance.
  • Claws on its arms, which are the most characteristic weapon, are designed in the image of well honed sword.
  • The propellers in its legs and back pack are recreated. They make it possible to move to various directions under water.
  • Runner x8, Realistic decal x1, Instruction manual x1