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Star Wars: Boba Fett - ("The Mandalorian" Version) 1/12 Scale Model Kit

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Boba Fett from "The Mandalorian", the first live-action drama series from "Star Wars"!
  • Impressive suit details and colors have been updated by reproducing the settings with new modeling parts and adopting molding colors that match the image in the play.
  • We adopt cloth material for muffler and waist cloth part and pursue realistic texture.
  • Unpainted head parts that can reproduce the state of the real face are included.
  • In addition to the weapons that appear in the play such as blaster rifle and blaster pistol, hand parts and a special pedestal are included.
  • Accessories: Blaster rifle x 1, Blaster pistol x 1, Muffler, loincloth x 1 set, Unpainted head parts x 1, Hand parts x 1 set, Joint parts x 1 set, Dedicated display base x 1, Sticker x 1