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Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Grogu 1/4 Scale Model Kit

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From "Star Wars", a 1/4 scale plastic model of the popular character "Grogu" who travels with "The Mandalorian"!
  • Overall height is about 100mm. In addition to the "normal face", three facial expressions and hanging ear parts are also included, allowing you to express the expressive Grogu by replacing them.
  • The included hovering plum (1/12 scale) reproduces the opening and closing of the cover by replacing parts. A clear pedestal is also included to create a floating feeling.
  • A 1/12 scale Grogu that can be boarded on the hovering plum is also included. The image in the play can be reproduced by lining up with the separately sold "1/12 The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)".
  • Accessories: Facial expression parts (for 1/4 Grogu) x 4 types, Ear parts (for 1/4 Grogu) x 2 types, Hovering plum (for 1/12 Grogu) x 1, Hovering plum cover x 1, Display stand for hovering plum x 1, Sticker x 1